On Earth, there are places with the high potential of energy. The Mountains of Altai are among those unique places, with their wonderful Alpine meadows, crystal-clear rivers and brooks. The centre of attraction for pilgrims, for those who seek the meaning of their own beings, for tourists, philosophers, artists — the Mount Belukha. This is the highest summit of Siberia; it is 80 kilometres South-East from the outskirts of the Uimon Valley, to which we are inviting you.

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As we invite you here, we remember the one of Russian proverbs that says: is it worth going for seven miles to drink ’kisel’? — meaning that, perhaps, there is nothing that I haven’t seen yet, so far away! We assure you, it is worth doing it. Far away, at the Russia-China boundary, there is The Pilgrim tourist base being visited by VIP's from Mexico, Senegal and other countries. Welcome!
Postal Address: 649470, Rossija, Respublika Altajj, Ust-Koksinskijj rajjon, s. Chendek, ul. Zarechnaja, d. 10
Phones: (388-48) 22-9-33, 22-0-62

Altai Highlands, the Valley of Uimon. Photo by Gai Sever, © 2004

Have a look at the pictures that we have chosen to let you see some beautiful places of our neighbourhood. For the moment, the collection includes some more than 450 pictures; the new pictures are being added regularly, so make sure you have seen them all. Indeed, there are a lot of people who first of all come here to take a perfect photo session. If you are into landscape photography, coming to the Valley is ”a must”. Click here!

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