On Earth, there are places with the high potential of energy. The Mountains of Altai are among those unique places, with their wonderful Alpine meadows, crystal-clear rivers and brooks. The centre of attraction for pilgrims, for those who seek the meaning of their own beings, for tourists, philosophers, artists — the Mount Belukha. This is the highest summit of Siberia; it is 80 kilometres South-East from the outskirts of the Uimon Valley, to which we are inviting you.

The Palmer Camp: About the Camp

About the Camp

We offer you a journey to our parts, as yet wild and intact. The Palmer tourist camp is located 450 km from Gorno-Altaisk, the capital of the Altai Republic, by the village of Chendek. The camp is situated in the midst of the Uimon Valley, the most beautiful area of South-East Alrtai Highlands, where you are cordially welcome

The length of your stay, it’s performance and elaboration are the choices of your own, according to your age and level of fitness. You can take a walking or riding trip up the mountains, visit Nicholas Roerich Museum, find an attraction at the archaeological objects of ancient ages. Those that have made a decision to visit Altai, should make themselves aware of the distinctives of these parts; here you can actually touch the Beautiful, get an impetus of creativity, change thoughts, take a different way of seeing the world. If you are after some vulgar relaxation, you’d better make a different choice.

Besides, you’ll have to accept a certain ascesis. You’ll be offered absolutely unpolluted and natural food; the village cheeses are famous over entire valley. You’ll be able to use the telephone and the e-mail. On all your trips you’ll be accompanied by the English-speaking guide. You’ll be able to make a choice out of more than 10 various interesting routes, as well arranging the route for your own, as soon as you have arrived and had enough time to see ”what is what”.

You’ll be hosted in small houses, situated at the skirts of a village, by the small mountain river, the water of which is drinkable. One of the houses offers you really amazing view, the mount Belukha (in fact, it’s clearly visible only on fine days). As for the bathing, we can proudly declare our banya to be the best in the neighbourhood! To ascertain that this is perfect truth, come over to take some really gorgeous steam. Our banya is built of pure larch, has an exceptional sweating-room, equipped with the correct drain, huge porch. The birch wisps are stored according to the appropriate Moon fazes.

Altai Highlands, the Valley of Uimon. Photo by Gai Sever, © 2004

Have a look at the pictures that we have chosen to let you see some beautiful places of our neighbourhood. For the moment, the collection includes some more than 450 pictures; the new pictures are being added regularly, so make sure you have seen them all. Indeed, there are a lot of people who first of all come here to take a perfect photo session. If you are into landscape photography, coming to the Valley is ”a must”. Click here!

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